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40 Foot Storage Container

Our 40 Foot Containers, Grades A, B, and C are wind and water tight and go through a rigorous inspection process to ensure seals are in place. We grade our 40 foot containers by the amount of dents, repairs, scratches and rust and include locking bars, latches and handles for vandal proof security. At A AAmerican Container, we monitor and repair all our parts and accessories to ensure everything is in proper working condition, so it is ready, when and where you want it.

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40 Foot Containers 40 Foot Containers 4 Ton A-C leach unit 24 inch door vents

New "One-Trip"

New container used in shipping one time.
Available in the following sizes:
  • 40-foot
  • 40-foot double door
  • 20-foot
  • 20-foot double door
A Grade Container A Grade Container - Interior

A Grade

Wind and water tight*
Minimal dents and scratches
Used for rental
Available in 40-foot and 20-foot sizes
B Grade Container B Grade Container - Interior

B Grade

Wind and water tight*
Small dents and scratches with some interior and exterior rust
Solid floors and roof
Good, solid working container
Available in 40-foot and 20-foot sizes
C Grade Container C Grade Container - Interior
C Grade
Wind and water tight*
Heavier dents and scratches
Containers will show obvious wear throughout
Solid working container.
(Not recommended for long-term storage of water-sensitive items)
Available in 40-foot and 20-foot sizes