Refrigerated and Non-Working Insulated Containers

Refrigerated and non-working insulated containers

While dry shipping containers are used for the transport of food goods and materials that do not require a temperature controlled environment, there are several commodities whose preservation depends on it. Namely, fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood, chemicals, batteries, tobacco, medical supplies, etc..

Therefore, the shipping industry employs the use of refrigerated containers or “reefers” as they are commonly known. These containers afford the customer the ability to store and or ship goods at temperatures above or below freezing based on their individual perishable characteristics.

Refrigerated containers are available in 20’, 40’,48’ & 53’ lengths. ’ and units

Are commonly used for overseas transport while the 48’ and 53’ units are primarily moved by rail or over the road to destination.

are also used for domestic applications such as restaurants, seafood companies, meat packing plants and growers of fruits and vegetables.

All units operate on 440 volt, 3 phase electric and are set and tested using a computerized processor. They can be converted to 220 volt using a generator (Gen set) which is a separate piece of equipment that is connected to the refrigeration unit. Two of the most notable manufacturers of the refrigeration units are Thermo King and Carrier.

These containers are also desirable as “non working reefers”. Simply stated, they are insulated containers with no refrigeration unit attached. They can be used in this form for dry storage and in some cases are preferred over standard storage containers because even under extreme outside temperatures, the units remain naturally cool due to the fact that they are insulated.

All units have a stainless steel interior with a raised channel floor which allows for ease of cleaning.

Similar to the standard dry shipping container, they can be transported on a flat bed truck, intermodal chassis or Landdoll (tilt bed truck). Im jahr 2011 beendete sie schlielich ihr studium mit dem mastergrad und verffentlichte ihre bachelorarbeit whrenddessen in japanischer sprache mit verlagstechnischer untersttzung der kansai universitt in einem wissenschaftlichen sammelband in japan

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Choosing the container best suited for your needs

Shipping containers are readily available in 20’ or 40’ lengths with the standard height being 8’-6” tall. In the case of the 40’ containers, you have an additional choice which is known as a “high cube” or 9’-6” tall.

The initial decision begins prior to picking out the container itself. Your first step In the process is to contact your local municipality and find out what the zoning of the particular area will allow. The three possible answers you will get might be:

1)   No restrictions

2)   Allowable with issuance of a permit

3)   Not permitted

In most commercially zoned areas, having a container on the premises is no problem. If you are renting commercial space in a strip mall, you will want to contact the property manager for approval.

So now you’ve been given the okay to proceed. What size do you need? That is going to depend on the amount of room you have onsite and also on the requirements of the truck used to make the delivery. This means the amount of straight pull away distance (measured in feet) the driver needs to drop the container and pull completely out from under it. The minimum requirements are 80 feet for a 20’ truck and 130 feet for a 40’ truck. Additionally, any access gates should be no less than 10’ wide and preferably 12’ wide.

Once the space requirements are established, the size of the container you choose is going to be governed by the amount of items you are intending to store. Always plan for future storage space. Remember… the longer we live, the more “stuff” we tend to accumulate so you may only need a now but a allows for “things to come”.

Lastly, the is ideal for applications where you intend on stacking items ( boxes in particular). Though an additional foot in height doesn’t seem like much, it can prove to be very useful. Here at , our highly trained sales staff can greatly assist you in making the best choice for your individual needs. For those of you who have arrived i need help with my homework at here, there are many online resources for fans of synthetically-generated music

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Shipping Container History and Evolution

Shipping containers were at one time exclusively known only to the import/export industry for the sole purpose of moving commodities of all types overseas. The Far East (China,Indonesia,Korea,etc.)was and still is today, the hub of container manufacturing due to the fact that labor costs in those regions are most economical. Typically, the steamship lines would keep a fleet of containers in service for a period of approximately ten years and after such time would “decommission” or in common terms, take them out of service. They would then replenish themselves with a new fleet of containers and the process would be repeated.

In the early 1980’s, a new market for containers had begun to take shape. It was a movement toward the domestic use of this type of equipment which became known as the storage container. They became immediately popular within the construction industry. Contractors who once had to store their tools and materials at remote storage locations and travel back and forth daily could now reap the benefits of having what they needed stored securely onsite. This ultimately increased their production and eliminated unnecessary time away from the jobsite. It didn’t take long for this onsite storage idea to catch on. The demand grew toward the retail industry for seasonal storage and also sparked an interest in the average homeowners for their personal storage needs.

also afforded new opportunities for revenue to the welding and fabricating industries. There was a growing idea on the horizon….the custom modified storage container. Windows, entry doors, roll up doors, air conditioning units, the possibilities were endless. This idea gave rise to a multitude of uses ranging from portable jobsite offices, fire training towers, confined space entry units, portable power stations, and the list went on… straight into the 21st century and full throttle into the economic and green construction market. In our present day as we have become more and more energy and cost conscious, containers are being heavily utilized to achieve our goals as a concerned nation in this ever growing, ever delicate environment. This year though, if write more info you’re a three customer, december could be even more exciting

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Can Ventilation be Installed in my Storage Container?

A AAmerican Container & Trailer Leasing Inc is your one stop source for all your needs. Mobile, on-site containers are steel built and combine a natural theft deterrent barrier with the ability to handle weather extremes.

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Portable On-Site Storage Solutions

Portable on-site storage container usage has grown dramatically over the past 10 years and for a number of reasons. Of course mobility is the main feature but they’re also economical, flexible and adaptable.

Portable on-site storage containers can be modified to fit every need, purpose and budget. When a permanent structure or building is not required or warranted, portable storage containers are the low cost temporary office solution. For storage of materials, equipment, and or assets of any nature, our storage containers are the short-term, long-term, temporary solution.   Whether it’s basic storage needs or an office space environment, portable containers are the perfect storage and office space answer.

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