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Shipping Container Revolution

Are you aware of the revolution that is happening in the building industry? Shipping containers are finding new lives in unconventional construction projects that tout a new, chic architectural design aesthetic. Containers are being recycled into stylish homes, retail spaces, offices, restaurants, bars and more.

fergs photo by Skye Rodgers The recently opened Ferg’s Live at the Amalie Arena in Tampa is the freshest example of this new design.  This highly successful bar uses containers like building blocks housing bathrooms, kitchen and bar with a stage and rooftop seating above.  Attractive and practical, Ferg’s Live is an excellent example of this new design trend.

A AAMERICAN CONTAINER customers have come up with some excellent container designs that are functional, creative and cool.  So we have to ask, What are your plans for your next project?  Call us at 813-740-1911 to see how we can help you bring what you have imagined to life.

Here is the latest story from the Tampa Bay Times:  http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/container-architecture-starting-to-have-a-moment-in-tampa-bay/2230913


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Taco Bell Debuts New Shipping Container Concept at SXSW

If you happened upon the new  temporary Taco Bell Restaurant in Austin, Texas at SXSW (South by SouthwSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESest Festival) this year you would have noticed a distinctly new design, a green space, engineered entirely out of shipping containers.

Taking 3 days to install,  this is the first container restaurant Taco Bell has built and it is currently considering placing this particular configuration in a permanent setting yet to be determined.  Aesthetically, they opted to keep the industrial look inherent in containers, mainly painting and welding minor modifications to accommodate their particular needs.  The result is a modern, clean and trendy appearance that fits right in with the Austin vibe. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESUtilizing shipping containers as modular components is becoming a popular one in restaurant/bar settings, typically utilizing different containers for cold storage, bar, offices, restrooms, and kitchens, with seating areas as both outside and/or inside spaces.


There are numerous configurations that can be optimized for the particular space given. Taco Bell is most likely test driving the concept as it would be useful not just for temporarySAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES situations like SXSW but for permanent locations as well.



Shipping containers work well with LEED requirements, are affordable, reliable, and can be installed easily and quickly.  Taco Bell plans to open 2,000 new U.S. locations by 2022.




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Port Tampa Bay- Increasing container trade good for local economy

Port Tampa Bay is likely going to focus on increasing it’s container and auto business in the near future.  Funneling additional container and auto imports and exports through and to the surrounding Tampa Bay area could bring considerable economic benefits to the region.  See story from the Tampa Bay Business Journal 

Containers Port Tampa






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When Containers Transform

Fergs article

When Ferg’s decided they needed a cool new concept for it’s bar/restaurant across from the Amalie Arena in downtown Tampa, they turned to A-AAMERICAN CONTAINER.   Seven blue shipping containers have been set in place and will be modified in the next few weeks to become the bar/restaurant, restroom and band shell for the new Tampa location of the famous Ferg’s Sports Bar & Grill in St Petersburg. Check out the article from the Tampa Tribune: http://tbo.com/news/business/hull-of-a-restaurant-shipping-containers-set-in-place-for-new-fergs-20141121/?utm_content=bufferc5670&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=buffer

Customizing containers is the heart of A-AAMERICAN CONTAINER’s business. We are delighted to work with Fergs on this project. We embrace the creativity and the tenacity of all of the contributors to this project and we are happily anticipating the time when we can be their customer at this exciting, new port-themed patio bar!

Fergs installation


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Building Community, One Container at a Time- The ReCycle Project

A-Aamerican Container recently donated a few containers to a local nonprofit organization, The Well.  They were in need of storage space and we were happy to assist.  The Well is a part of the Underground Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Underground as a community prioritizes the poor, the oppressed, and the neglected.   We recently received an email from them with the following note:

“I just wanted to touch base and update you on how awesome the shipping containers have worked out for us. One is serving as a much needed storage space while the other has thrived as a bike shop/co-op that we have affectionately called the ReCycle Bin.”

Here is a little ‘About the Project’ written by one of the crew running it:

The Recycle Bin is first and foremost an act of community support, building community and establishing trust while providing liberation through transportation to those living on the periphery of a dog eat dog world. 10552408_923072257709723_4098836413463598377_nIts a hot, trying and difficult task, but three days out of the week a 20 foot shipping container filled with old bicycle frames donated from all corners of the Tampa area is opened, and a vision of a more equal, more communal world shakes the rust from old frames and parts.”Meaning”,”purpose”,”a skill”, these are the words used to describe the reality of our modest bike shop by the homeless individuals and middle class bike geeks that mingle over flat tires, broken chains and honest laughter. The container, stationed on a property rented by a nonprofit homeless outreach organization (The Well) is one of the many projects blooming into a living mural of the Real, Beautiful, Tampa Bay. After unloading buckets of parts and frames, the guests of The Well, choose a bike or make use of the tools and tires we offer in order to maintain theirs. Just a bike? To someone with no money, no income, and no social standing. it doesn’t just “represent” freedom and liberation, but literally becomes a moving manifestation of self-reliance. They’re used to get to doctors appointments, the V.A, make use of social services, job interviews, leave or avoid threatening situations, or just clear their minds and beat the brutal Florida heat by catching a breeze cruising around town with newly made friends. ALL usable nuts, bolts, cables and bearing are harvested and meticulously organized by all of us from the rusted carcasses of bicycles that are beyond repair, after which, the few unsalvageable frames and rims are scrapped to buy new tubes and lubricants (in theory, actually we rarely can’t up-cycle it for alternate use). Guests have come back, taught what they’ve learned to others, built more bikes, retrieved stolen ones and have shown that they want the shop to continue.

We applaud the many volunteers of the Well and will continue to support their cause.  We encourage others in our community to do the same.  For more information or to contribute funds or volunteer hours please visit WellTampa.com



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Optimize Storage Container Space with Customized Shelving


Customizing storage containers with shelving for your specific needs is definitely a winning move in the game of productivity.   Stacking materials without support or structure, especially in a disorganized fashion, will lead to unnecessary duplication of efforts as well as possible injuries.  Isn’t is often the case that the one item you need  is always the one that is furthest away or at the bottom of the stack or pile?  So you wind up moving materials repeatedly as you need to get to other items.  Additionally, it is difficult to fully utilize vertical space without shelving.

 When deciding on shelving for your storage container it is important to consider the weight of the materials to be stored.   You will then need to compare the load rating of the shelving to the weight of those items.  It is a good idea to have a larger weight capacity than you currently need to cover future changes or additions to your stored goods.

Custom rack shelving can be added to any container you purchase from us. We also carry the Atlas Shelving system, an adjustable shelving system that attaches to the tie downs located along the top of each container. Suspended from the overhead tie downs, this system does not require drilling and does not redirect valuable floor space required by larger items. This system is rated at 1,000 pounds per bracket.


High Cube containers are an excellent option as well.  These containers have a higher ceiling and can accomodate taller shelving, utilizing that vertical space that so often is not used while keeping the same ground level footprint.

A-Aamerican Container can customize shelving to meet your specific needs so you can store your goods in the most productive way possible instead of having to conform to standardized shelf measurements.  Check out our website at a-aamerican.com for information on modifications and accessories currently being offered for storage containers.

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When disaster strikes

If disaster strikes will you be ready?  Planning for disasters before they occur will determine how well you recover.  There are many things to consider.   Fire, hurricane, flood, tornado, crime, etc can occur, often without warning.  Start with the biggest concerns first: safety of family, home, and business.  Consider what could happen and plan for each event as you are able.  Will you need to relocate home or business?  How will you handle communication if power is lost and/or cell phones don’t work?  What are the minimum amounts of water and food you will need?  Are your important papers kept in a safe place?  How will you move around if roads are blocked or flooded? What will you do with pets?  You can find some very helpful information online at redcross.org as well as ready.gov to begin the process.  Planning for recovery beats reacting to disaster any day!

Naturally, safety of family and employees comes first but after you have established that everyone is safe and sound you will then need to consider securing your property.

Household contents as well as business tools and inventory can be immediately exposed to theft as well as the elements.   It is critical to store items quickly in a safe and dry environment. Portable, ground level storage is the best solution  for this situation.  Steel storage containers can be delivered and utilized at the site, with no packing and moving inventory to other locations.

A-Aamerican Containers, new or used, are wind and water tight as well as secure.  Our custom locking features can ensure that thieves will not add to the tragedy.  Portable, ground level offices are also available.  Containers are a quick and affordable solution that can be rented or purchased and will help have your family and business up and running again in no time.




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Strength in Steel

Just the word steel makes us think of great strength and resistance.  Superman was the Man of Steel.   When someone has steady nerves, great patience or courage we refer to them as having nerves of steel.  The words strong and hard are found in the actual definition of steel so it is of no surprise that we choose steel as the main component of storage containers.  We look for durability, security, weather resistance and theft resistance to store and protect our valuable assets.

Container stack image by tpsdave at pixabay.com

Weathering steel or weather resistant steel was developed in the 1930s by the United States Steel Corporation and is trademarked as Cor-Ten.  It features a controlled corrosion quality that makes it capable of withstanding weather as well as weight.  Regular carbon steel has a porous oxide layer which holds moisture.  This moisture can develop rust which can grow and weaken the surface especially in wet or humid situations.  Cor-Ten or weathering steel has an oxide film on the surface which provides more resistance to moisture and corrosion.

Every business has unique storage needs.  Portable steel containers made with Cor-Ten steel provide safe and secure storage for your inventory, tools and other valuable equipment.  These containers are heavy duty, long lasting structures that make an excellent alternative to traditional storage. You might even call them “Super!”





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Container Housing and the Construction Industry

In recent years, the construction industry has found yet another creative use for cargo containers which presents itself in the form of container housing.With the ever rising cost of construction materials and labor, many firms have found containers quite useful and cost effective for modern day building applications. In fact, they have become the new building blocks of the construction industry. Today, a variety of structures can be found utilizing containers as habitable spaces. Office buildings, homes, malls, and dormitories are just a few examples but the list will continue to grow with the ideas created by the human imagination.

The cost effectiveness of containers as they relate to construction speaks for itself. For example, today’s average construction cost per square foot is roughly $100. For a structure 8’ wide x 40’ long (320 square feet) the cost is $32,000.Similarly, an 8’ wide x 40’ long container (320 square feet) with an average cost of $3150 is roughly $50.00 per square foot, 1/2 of the construction industry standard. The foundation work and interior finishes still need to be addressed but the major structural shell is already there in its entirety. In addition, all local zoning ordinances and building codes including permitting must be adhered to.

As the need for housing and urban development becomes more and more demanding on the global forefront, it is imperative that we continue to seek affordable solutions such as containers to accommodate the future needs of all people.

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